Company Miranda & Irmão, lda is a company with over 70 years of existence producing mainly bicycle and motorcycle components and solutions.
Miranda e Irmão, lda
  • 1940 First established as an individual business in 1940
  • 1950 Manufactured its first bicycle components
  • 1960 Expanded production to a wide new range of products
  • 1978 The introduction of the plastic injection technology
  • 1990 Expanded the range of the products, introducing V-brakes, Canti-brakes and levers
  • 2000 Installed the equipment and technology of cold forged aluminium
  • 2012 E-Bikes Components, Clickpost, Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Present Supplies most of the european top brand bicycles, exporting to a wide range of countries
First established as an individual business in 1940, it became a family owned company by 1950, manufacturing its first bicycle components (eg. air pumps).
By the 1960’s Miranda was on the path to success, having increased its individual area thus widely developing its manufacturing capabilities and expanding to a new range of products such as motorcycle headlamps, speedometers, grips, switches, klaxons and others.

The introduction of the plastic injection technology in 1978 brought a new surge of development to this already striving company. By that year, Miranda also started the development of motorcycle hydraulic brakes. Later in the 90’s Miranda expanded the range of products, introducing v-brakes, canti-brakes and levers.

In 2000 to give the best response to the demanding markets, Miranda installed the equipment and technology of cold forged aluminium, introducing v-brakes and levers with that technology.

At the present Miranda has extended production to a new range of bicycle brakes and crank sets, seat posts and bicycle hydraulic brakes, and has been progressively going into medium and high range market of bicycle components.

Miranda in our days is now supplying most of the European top brand bicycles and exporting to a wide range of countries, enlarging every year a strong reputation of quality maker and reliable partner.
  • Customer Focus Customer Focus Be sensitive to the needs of the customer; develop superior customer insight.
    Commitment to surpass expectations and deliver superior value.
  • Innovation and Excellence Innovation and Excellence Think differently and promote creativity.
    Make continuous improvement a way of life; drive excellence.
    Be relentless about improving quality.
  • People Development People Development Continuously improve and upgrade the skills and competencies of our people.
    Support people to realise their potential.
  • Team Work Team Work Work closely as a cohesive, well-knit team.
    Inculcate a spirit of openness and collaboration.
  • Relationships and Human Dignity Relationships and Human Dignity Value people and partnerships.
    Nurture understanding, compassion, trust and respect in all relationships.
  • Social Responsibility and Ethics Social Responsibility and Ethics Be a socially responsible corporate, addressing the needs of the community and environment.
    Conduct business ethically.
    Maintain highest standards of personal integrity.
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