All MIRANDA cranks are made by a fully automatic and proprietary cold forging process to ensure unique mechanical properties and a constant quality. These are engineered to be durable and to ensure a safe riding even on extreme conditions.


Crank Arm Material Cold forged Alloy
Available Arm Lengths170 / 175 mm


    • Standard edition
      The standard finish by MIRANDA incorporates the best in class painted coating, with the highest requirements in terms of resistance and quality. There is a large flexibility of colors and also effects to choose from, from standard colors to "deep effect" and vivid colors.
    • Plus edition
      A varnished machined layer coupled with the premium painted one, gives to these cranksets of "dual layer" a sporty look and an high degree of sophistication. There is a vast choice of colors and effects for the coloured layer to choose from.
    • Pearl edition
      The Pearl Edition is an exclusive finish by MIRANDA, developed by an unique production process, delivering a piece with double layer properties where 2 different surfaces and finishes can be matched seamlessly. With an anodized layer and a premium painted one, the high degree of design for the pieces make them the perfect match for the most premium bicycles. Different colors can be matched for a perfect harmony with the bicycle.


      • Q:8
      • Q:16
      • Q:16+5,5
      • Q:35

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