Stefan Schlie

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Trials Rider, Showman, Riding Skill Teacher and Developer.


After a successful career as a Trials Rider Stefan travelled around the world with his Trials Shows jumping around on many stages. Beside of that he was always working with Rider groups, sharing his knowledge during Riding workshops  to improve the skills of his customers.
Stefan is always open for new technologies.
As one of the first Bike Pros he was open and a pioneer for E Mountainbikes. Together with Bosch eBike Systems he created the #uphillflow feeling wich is so obvious for anybody using an eMTB for the first time. A new discipline was established in between the traditional disciplines. Around this new trend there is a lot of technical development. And not only around the eBike Systems. Also the other components change a lot. And because of new pedaling styles, as assistance is only given when pedaling, Miranda was the first company that understood producing shorter cranks for eMountainbikes. Stefan ist using these cranks and also helps to develop the software for using them efficiently in the woods!

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