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Fortify your e-bike with this simple combination

You can fortify your e-bike against chain drops and flying rocks with this simple combination of ChainFlow® chainring and E-chainguard nut. ChainFlow’s patented tooth design holds your chain firmly in place while the E-chainguard nut protects it from physical threats and prevents it from wearing out too fast. Installing the cog and nut combo is easy, here’s:

How to install a ChainFlow cog with an E-chainguard nut

  1. Open each package – Inside one you should find one chainguard nut; inside the other you should find an e-bike chainring
  2. You’ll need these tools – Have on hand a torque wrench, a hex key socket, a Bosch Active/Performance spider tool, a compact crank wrench and puller, and a 15 mm wrench.
  3. Using the torque wrench and hex key socket – Remove the drive-side crank bolt.
  4. Using the compact crank wrench and puller – Insert puller into the drive-side crank bolt hole; then screw and tighten the compact crank wrench into the crank arm.
  5. Using the 15 mm wrench — Turn the compact crank wrench in a clockwise direction to until crank arm can be easily removed.
  6. Position the spider tool  — To remove the Bosch nut, lock the spider tool in place and loosen the nut with the torque wrench.
  7. Remove the chain — Extend the rear derailleur toward the front of the bike to slacken the chain. Displace it from the chainring and remove chainring.
  8. Place the ChainFlow chainring and E-chainguard nut — Rotate the E chainguard nut counter clockwise until it’s firmly in place.
  9. Position the spider tool — Lock the spider tool in the notches in the face of the chainguard nut; tighten to 20-25Nm with the torque wrench.
  10. Replace the chain — Seat the chain on the chainring teeth until chain and teeth are fitted snugly.
  11. Replace the crank arm and bolt  — Using the torque wrench and hex key socket, tighten to the specified torque of 57-64Nm

Watch the video for further demonstration of these steps, however before you do it yourself, check the warranty details for your e-bike motor! Some e-bike motor suppliers will void the warranty if anything happens to the motor resulting from a DIY project. Your best bet is to have an authorized dealer install the cranks for you and you’ll avoid the hassle of a voided warranty.

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