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How to install an XMOD crankset

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In just a few minutes, you’ll be riding your new XMOD crankset. Here are all the steps to install your new XMOD crank arms, chainring(s), and spindle.

When Miranda gets personal, you are the winner. Thanks for purchasing an XMOD crankset, which lets you personalize your crank arms and chainrings according to your preferences. Now let’s get your XMOD installed so that you can hit the road or trails ASAP, here’s how:

1. Open the box – Otherwise how will you know what’s inside?

2. Inspect the parts – You should find two crank arms (left and right), chainring(s), and spindle.

3. You’ll need these – Have on hand an 8 mm allen key, a torque wrench, and grease (optional: a flat brush to apply grease).

4. Apply grease – Apply a small amount of grease just inside the bottom bracket on each side. Then apply a little grease to each end of the spindle.

5. Insert the spindle – Slide the spindle into the bottom bracket until it’s correctly positioned.

6. Install the chainring or spider — Attach the chainring or spider to spindle.

7. Install the right crank arm — Attach the drive-side crank arm to the spindle, tighten to the recommended 56-64 Nm.

8. Install the left crank arm — Attach the non drive-side crank arm to the spindle, tighten to the recommended 56-64 Nm.

9. Replace the chain — Position the chain on your chainring, give the cranks a few turns to seat it correctly, and off you go!

10. We’ve made a video to demonstrate these steps and hopefully make it easier for you to install your XMOD crankset and get going even faster!

Watch it here:

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