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Miranda introduces the lightest dedicated e-mtb cranks

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New products make their debut at the bike industry's biggest show

When the bike industry held its annual trade show last July, Miranda & Irmão, Lda. publicly introduced new carbon fiber e-bike cranks with a claim to be the lightest dedicated e-mtb cranks around. Miranda, which has a well-established reputation as a major original equipment supplier for most of Europe’s top bicycle brands, has been flexing its own creative muscle by designing and manufacturing its own brand of cranksets for both end users and OE partners.

The new cranks cater to both profiles of Miranda’s loyal customers: those who want state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing, plus the option to create a custom design for volume orders; and those who want to upgrade their bike with an unprecedented, lightweight crankset. Both OE partners and end users can discover the possibilities in the cranks described below.

Carbon Fiber E-mtb Cranks

E-mtbs’ unique demands for cranks that are durable without adding extra weight, yet are compatible with the bike’s power source, and consequently its warranty, suddenly require cranks with specific characteristics. With a claimed weight of 288 g for 170 mm crank arms, the design and materials composition make these carbon fiber e-mtb-ready cranks — with their superior strength-to-weight ratio — the lightest dedicated e-mtb cranks available. The cranks have been designed and engineered to produce a carbon fiber structure featuring an internal, proprietary crash-resistant composite. Choose between either 165 mm or 170 mm crank arms for optimal e-mobility. The cranks will be available soon via Miranda's online store,

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