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Gonçalo Bandeira Portugal

Gonçalo was literally born into the sport but was forced to wait until he qualified to race downhill. The wait was over in 2017 but all those years of training paid dividends to the budding pro, who scored big in his first year as a cadet.

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Cool facts
Favorite racecourse
DH2 at Louzan Bikepark
Favorite food
Pre-race: Bolognese; Post-race: barbecue
Favorite music
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How did you get hooked on downhill racing?

I was born on September 20, 2002, in the village of Lousã in the district of Coimbra, Portugal. As soon as I started walking, I was given a bicycle without training wheels and that’s where it all began.


Daily life in a family of motorcycle enduro riders and mountain bikers meant that I grew up seeing what others were doing: my father, my sisters and friends who either visited or lived in Lousã, where many of them were champions.

2017 was the end of a wait that seemed to last forever; at last my time had come to compete in the Cadet category.


What are your goals for 2018?

The main objective is to build upon the achievements of 2017. I want to continue to win races, have fun on the bike and learn/evolve more since 2018 is the last year I can race in Cadets. In 2019, my goals will be aimed at the world stage.

Apart from individual ambition, I cannot help but support and fight for the collective entities that I’ll represent.


What’s your best race memory?

When I won my first national championship title this year.


Do you have a crash story?

This season I crashed during race practice, I broke my arm and had to stop for a couple weeks.


Favorite movie line: DeathGrip movie


What's more fun than racing? Competing to be better than you (and your rivals) were the day before. Our racers are in constant pursuit of self-improvement and they've got the race results to prove it, check them out!

National Downhill Championships (Cadet) National Downhill Cup (Cadet) IXS European Downhill Cup (Pro U17)
National Downhill Championships (Cadet) National Enduro Championships (Cadet)
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