José Sousa Portugal

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Cool facts
Road - pacer
Favorite food
My mother's roast chicken, and some fast-food chains
Favorite music
I have very strong tastes in music (which depend a lot on how I’m feeling at the moment.). Hip-Hop,
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As much a fan inside the race as outside, Sousa got hooked on cycling by his father until he had a chance to go to the ADRAP cycling school, which was attended by a few of his Miranda-Mortágua teammates as well. His upward trajectory got a boost from a bronze medal in the junior national championship but his best race to date is also the craziest race he ever did, according to him. Read on.


What’s your favourite race?

My favourite race to watch is the Strade-Bianchi.

My favourite race to compete in so far has been the Grande Prémio de Ciclismo de Roriz.



How did you get into cycling?

After I learned how to ride by following my dad around, the opportunity to attend the ADRAP cycling school came up. It’s at this school where I got proper training.


How do you train for racing?

Together with my coach we create a training plan that’s specific to the race, but which takes into consideration overall training and nutrition.


What’s your personal style?

I don’t have a specific style.


What’s your best result?

My best result was a victory in the 3rd round of the Portuguese Junior Cup.


Tell us about your best race.

The 2017 Grand Prix of Amares, it was one of the craziest races I ever did. At the beginning of the race, I joined the break of the day where I and more than half the racers escaped. When the peloton caught us, I thought that the chances of winning were scarce, but I managed to gather strength and in the end, I managed to win.


What do you do in your free time?

In my free time what I like to do most is watch TV series, and hang out with my family, girlfriend, and amigos. Sometimes I also enjoy PlayStation.

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