Nuno Meireles Portugal

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Cool facts
Road - climber
Favorite food
Traditional dishes
Favorite music
I like to listen to music from all genres, depending on the state of mind I'm in
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As one of the team’s six climbers, Meireles is responsible for digging in deep when the road turns skyward. While his role may not grant him as many chances at that moment of victory over the line, when it does happen, it’s twice as sweet.


What's your favourite race?

The Tour of Portugal


How did you start racing?

I was encouraged by a friend, at the time I was only riding for pleasure, until I decided to enroll in a cycling school.


How do you train for racing?

I have personalized training for each race


What's your personal style?

Sporty and natural


What's your best result?

1º Circuit of Argoncilhe


Tell us about your best race.

It was a memorable day — I finally got to put my arms up for the first time.


What do you do in your free time?

Relax, get massages, homework, read...

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