Pedro Teixeira Portugal

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Cool facts
Road - climber
Favorite food
Cod with Broa (Portuguese bread)
Favorite music
Alternative pop
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As one of the team’s youngest racers, Teixeira is quickly becoming wise to the lure and thrill of racing. In fact, when his father noticed a lack of interest in football, Pedro ditched Portugal’s most popular sport in favour of the lesser — but no less beloved — sport of cycling.


What's your favourite race?

The Vuelta a España


How did you get into racing?

Ever since I was a kid, when I was still playing football, I loved riding my mountain bike during my free time on the weekends. My father noticed that I liked riding my bike more than playing football so I gave up football at the expense of cycling. Then I started racing.


How do you train for racing? 

I mostly train on the road; when conditions are adverse, I train on the rollers. Sometimes I ride for long periods at a constant pace, other times for shorter intervals.


What’s your best result?

I'm still very young (18 years old) so I still do not have races of relevance with a professional squad.


Tell us about your best race.

My best race was in the 2016 junior world championship in Doha, where the extremely high temperature, extreme speed and endless corners made it the hardest race of my life to date. It was a race of clenched teeth, where I thought of everything and then nothing at all.

When you race with the national flag on your chest, everything changes. You aren’t defending a jersey — you are defending a nation. I gave everything for Portugal. And given how young I was at the time, I raced a very good race.


What do you do in your free time?

I like to watch TV series, movies and play video games. In the summer and when the weather is good, I go ride my bike.

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