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Mélanie Pugin France

Once she got a taste for victory in the legendary Mégavalanche, Mélanie zeroed in on enduro as her chosen race discipline. Hailing from the hotbed of gravity racing, Mélanie brings her fine-tuned talent to the team and earns recognition as the team's only elite woman racer.

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Cool facts
Miranda Factory Team
Favorite racecourse
The Mégavalanche, this race is mythical! There's no other race like it in the world!
Favorite food
Ice cream
Favorite music
Pop rock
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How did you start riding enduro?

I started riding with my father when I was 10 years old. I went on mountain bike trips with my family and I entered some races at 12 years old. I became an adrenaline and speed junkie so I chose downhill racing and then started racing enduro in 2012.


How do you train for enduro?

I ride my enduro bike a lot for the experience. I do intervals on my training route and I try to improve my technique. Along with that, I ride on the road, I run, and I also do some sessions on the pumptrack.


What’s your riding style?

I like to have the image of maneuvering like a cat: stealthily and noiselessly but devilishly effective!


What have been your best results up until now?

1st Mégavalanche L’Alpe d’Huez in 2015

3x winner of the Shimano Epic Enduro (2017, 2016, 2015)

4th place in the 2018 Enduro World Series at Olargues


Tell us about your favorite race.

The Mégavalanche, this race is mythical. It has existed since the beginning of mountain biking. There are more than 40 women registered — it's a true warrior race that starts in the snow. There’s no other race like it in the world !


What do you do off the bike?

I travel with my boyfriend and I share good times with my friends. I like to walk in nature and see wild animals.

10th EWS Italy 6th EWS Spain 5th EWS Italy 11th Overall EWS 2nd Megavalanche 1st National Portugal 1st Portugal Cup
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