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How do I configure my XMOD crankset?

We've made it easy to configure your XMOD crankset to your unique characteristics and preferences. Visit our XMOD Configurator page where you will be guided through the steps to custom configure your XMOD crankset for road or mtb. Once there you will be able to choose the spindle, spider, and crank arms independently in three easy steps for a crankset that’s specific to you.

Before you go though, it might be helpful to know that XMOD for mtb is available with a BCD88 spider that's compatible with Miranda's oval chainrings, or BCD104 spider, compatible with Miranda's patented ChainFlow® 3D chainrings.


How do I know if my frame is compatible with the XMOD spindles?

XMOD’s titanium spindle is available in different lengths and bottom bracket compatibilities. XMOD’s 24/22 MTB 68/73mm spindle fits both BB30 and 22/24mm bottom brackets with widths for all standard frames. XMOD’s 22/24 Road 68mm spindle fits 22/24mm bottom brackets with a 68 mm width for all standard road frames.

Can I swap my XMOD cranks and chainrings between my road, gravel, and mountain bikes?

Yes, as long as you have an XMOD spider or direct mount chainring, and XMOD spindle compatible with each frame. The advantage to this is the ability to customize each bike set up.

Can I purchase two different crank lengths for my XMOD crankset?

Yes, XMOD is the world’s first totally modular crankset that allows you to choose the spindle, spider, and crank arms independently.

Where can I find the Q factor for a Miranda crank?

You can find the Q factor stamped on the inside of the right crank arm. The Q factor is measured from the crank attachment point in a parallel line to the pedal attachment point.

Miranda's standard Q factor is 16.

Q factors range from 0 up to 38 and include 3 mm offsets.

How does Miranda determine Q-factor for its e-bike cranks?

Q-factor depends a lot on the position of the engine on the frame, which varies significantly from bike to bike. Miranda provides a diagram for its OEM partners to calculate Q-factor based on their specific bike builds and engine position. We recommend consulting the manufacturer’s specifications for the model you are interested in.

How do Miranda’s oval chainrings work?

The way our oval chainrings work is, by orienting the narrowing diameter of the oval to the weakest point of the pedal stroke and the widening diameter to the strongest point of the pedal stroke, you can take full advantage of the most-productive part of your pedal rotation (while lessening time spent in the least-productive part).

What is the user experience with oval chainrings?

Oval chainrings allow your legs to generate smoother, more efficient propulsion with noticeable gains in endurance and performance. Users have experienced the following when switching to oval rings:

  • Optimized pedaling gives feeling of “power”
  • Reduced knee strain
  • Improved climbing and tempo riding
In the future will Miranda offer smaller oval chainrings?

We currently offer 32T, 34T and 36T oval chainrings, which have the most demand. Three members of our enduro team, BH Miranda Racing Team, have been racing (and winning) on our oval rings since January 2016. If we do offer smaller chainrings in the future, we will announce it via our social media channels.

Does Miranda take special requests for custom sizes for its cranks and chainrings?

We welcome special requests for custom sizes of our flat e-bike chainrings, however due to quality compliance and safety testing, we are unable to honor special crank requests unless the order is a minimum of *** units.

Where can I buy Miranda products?

You can purchase Miranda products directly via our website or, click on the “Distributors” link on the menu. Find the distributor closest to you and check their website for product availability.

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