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Our products

Ebike Parts

Our ebike cranks can be found on some of the most celebrated ebike brands around. Choose from one of our designs or send us yours.

+ ALFA 0 + BETA 0 + GAMMA 0 + DELTA 0 + EPSILON 0 + IOTA 0 + KAPPA 0 + LAMBDA 0 + CLASSIC 0 + ELEGANCE 0 + ZETA 0 + Delta SH
Carbon Cranks

Try to find a lighter carbon fiber e-bike crank, we dare you!

+ Carbon fiber cranks + Miranda Carbon Fiber Crank SH

Protect your ebike from airborne rocks and chain-clogging mud with our CNC'd Integrated Chain Guard

+ ICG ®

For ebike motors requiring proprietary parts, we supply the manufacturing know-how to produce your specialty part.

+ Spider Design 1 for Bosch GEN3 + Spider Design 2 for Bosch GEN3 + Spider Br + Spider BTV + Spider BTV YH + Spider SH + Spider FZ + Spider FZ Double
Chainrings and Sprockets

When chainrings need to withstand force from the rider and an ebike motor, they need to be even more sturdy and durable. Ours are.

+ Sprocket with ChainFlow® technology with E-Chainguard Nut + Chainrings for Bosch motors + Chainflow® Chainring + Chainflow® 3D Chainring + Flat Chainring + Sprocket with ChainFlow® technology

Our main goal is to protect your chain and chainring. Automated cold-forging yields unparalleled durability in a variety of chainguard designs.

+ TS Graphic + TB Graphic + WR Graphic + NW Graphic + SL CNC + ST CNC + Double ST CNC + E-Chainguard Nut

Different riding applications require different screws. We give you choices for the best screws for your specific use.

+ M10 + M15 FatBike + M15 + M12 + CRANK EXTRACTING
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